Haywood Public Transit particulars RIGHT NOW:

  • Haywood Public Transit IS open and available (they just ask a few questions to confirm you are not currently infected)
  • They operate Monday through Friday from 6 am – 5:30 pm (cut-off is 4:00pm so that bus is back by 5:30 closing time) * Phone # is 828-565-0362
  • Reservations are made by calling (2 days advance notification is ideal — simple since Eucharist is celebrated every Wednesday at NOON)
  • Easy registration: name, date of birth, your address and phone number
  • Covid regulations: wear a mask, hand sanitizer available for when you get on and off the bus, fewer seats available to accommodate social distancing
  • Cost is $3.00 each way — exact cash required
  • With a time-specific reservation, they will give you a “window” regarding their arrival time (you watch for the van’s arrival from the comfort of your apartment — they do NOT call to tell you they are on the property)